Services and Techniques
We specialize in a number of well-known therapeutic techniques.

We will recommend specific techniques depending on you needs, and of course you are welcome to request a particular technique.

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Come revitalize yourself, experience the total relaxation through the Artful use of pressure and Massage.


Is a form of pressure therapy that involves applying focused pressure to established reflex points in the feet and hands. These points correspond to organs and areas of the body. Stimulation of these pressure points and nerve connections assist your body to clear blockages, release toxins and improves blood circulation. Reflexology has an extraordinary ability to relax the whole body, by normalizing organ and gland functions. Reflexology does not replace conventional medicine, nor does it provide a cure for diseases. 

Foot Care 

In order to have healthy feet, it is important that regular attention be given to grooming. Improperly trimmed toenails, calluses, splitting skin, etc. all contribute to unnecessary discomfort and pain. Foot care service includes a footbath to soften the skin and nails, proper trimming of the toenails, removal of dry skin and hangnails, as well as applying of foot cream with a foot massage. Applying of nail polish is possible by request. 


Our relaxing treatment will leave you feeling positive and pampered.  
It includes conditioning in a warm hand soak, shaping of your nails and cuticles.  Application of your choice 
of high quality nail polish, and clear coat for a long lasting and durable finish.

Therapeutic Hot Wax Treatment 

Soothing, fast acting heat relief of minor aches and pains. Since 1962, physicians, physical therapists, and arthritis specialists have recommended the Hot Paraffin Therapy Bath because paraffin therapy is one of the most effective methods of and retain a great amount of heat. Fast-Acting Heat Therapy is a Drug-Free, Penetrating Heat that Soothes Pain and Stiffness. Effective on: Arthritis, Inflammation, Joint Stiffness, Muscle Spasms, Sports Injuries, and Dry, Cracked Skin. 

How Does Paraffin Heat Therapy Work? 

Paraffin wax has a very high "heat capacity" meaning it is able to take advantage of paraffin's heat retaining capacity in a simple process called "heat transfer". Very simply, the heat that goes into melting the paraffin is released when it solidifies into a custom-fitted, warm "glove," thus transferring the heat deep into the affected joint or area. Each dip in the paraffin bath delivers a layer of fast-acting heat therapy. 

Japanese Massage (Shiatsu) 
Is a deep tissue form of the Japanese healing arts.  This technique comprises a full body treatment involving rhythmic finger pressure.
Shiatsu is when natural body weight is used to apply pressure on special points on the body. Through this pressure, the energy flowing in the Shiatsu treatment enhances and promotes general good health. The word Shiatsu is Japanese and means finger pressure. Shiatsu is none-invasive, only uses finger pressure to stimulate life energy "ki" within the body, thumbs, fingers and palms, are applied to specific areas, also called meridians, and accupressure points of the body, correcting internal dysfunctions, promoting and keeping the health and treating specific illness. Shiatsu is an all body massage and can be very relaxing, yet is not being considered as a relaxing massage, it is more like a accupressure treatment with a therapeutic meaning. 

Swedish Massage 

Massage is the most natural form of healing and one that many of us experience daily without giving it much thought. We may not even use the word massage to describe it. If your shoulders are sore, you may ask a friend to rub them and if your feet ache, you may take your shoes off and flex your toes. And which parent hasn't has to "rub it better" when a little one gets hurt? Massage has been practiced since man first walked the planet. Formal instruction in the use of massage as a healing tool was given in many countries as early as 5000 years ago. 

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